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Performance-Based Influencer Marketing

What Is Performanced-Based Marketing?

Performance-Based Influencer Marketing is when content creators are rewarded based on results they produce for promoting your game.

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Explore how performance-based influencer marketing enhances game marketing by:

  • Ensuring Authenticity
  • Overcoming Market Saturation
  • Incentivizing High Quality Content
  • Better Creator To Product Alignment
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Empowering Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers gain a level playing field, with an emphasis on their impact rather than follower count, fostering a diverse and vibrant influencer ecosystem.

Micro Influencers

Ensuring Quality and Authenticity

Content creators are motivated to align with games that resonate with their audience, promoting genuine and high-quality content.

Quality and Authenticity

Optimized Platform Utilization

Encouraging strategic platform usage, content creators can craft more impactful and tailored content, maximizing the reach and engagement of your game.

Platform Utilization

Transparent Metrics and Rewards

Transparent performance metrics offer a clear path to rewards, aligning influencer goals with those of game publishers.

Metrics and Rewards

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