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Lower Your Acquisition Costs
While Increasing Your Conversion Rates
Lower Cost Per Installation

Reduce Cost Per Installation

Lower your game's Cost Per Install (CPI) with Glitch's influencer marketing, which offers cost-effective solutions to reach wider audiences. Key benefits include:

  • Significantly lower marketing expenses
  • Efficient use of budget for better ROI
  • Focus on impactful, result-oriented marketing
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Boost User Engagement

Higher Engagement

Engage effectively with a loyal audience through influencer collaborations. Influencer marketing leads to:

Higher user interaction, increased brand loyalty, and direct communication with your audience.

Experience the power of genuine engagement with Glitch.

Targeted Audience

Reach Your Target Audience

With Glitch's influencer match making system, you can with creators whose followers best represent your target audiences and that are more likely to be interested in your game, resulting in:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Effective audience targeting
  • Enhanced user acquisition strategies

Advanced Analytics and Performance

Analytics and Performance

Utilize data-driven insights for strategic decisions and track your campaign success with accuracy. Glitch offers:

Detailed performance metrics, transparent analytics, and actionable insights for optimization.

Take control of your marketing efforts with Glitch's advanced analytics.

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