Installation Of Your Community

Learn how ot install your community on various platforms.

1 Installing The Backend

The source of truth for your community application is the backend. The backend code and installation instructions are available here:

Start by reading the instructions and installing it. Afterward, you can install the frontend application.

The backend is documentated by an API here:

2 Javascript SDK

For communicating with the backend, a comprenhensive SDK is available to be installed into any project.

Read the through the instructions for installing and using the SDK.

3 Installing The Frontend

After the backend, you can then set up the frontend. The frontend provided is an example application designed to give you an idea of how the system works. You can view the example frontend here:

Read the through the instructions for installing the frontend.

4 Installing Mobile

Like the frontend, the mobile implementation is meant to serve as an example to guide developers. The mobile implementation example will be completed by the end of February.

5 Customizing The Streaming Experience

One of the community's most unique aspects is the ability to live stream the games. The live stream interface is powered by Invirtu/BingeWave, which is a mixture of no-code and low-code video builder. To understand how the implementation works, review the docs here:

Watch the videos on how to customize the streaming experience.