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Optimize Your Influencer Campaigns
To Maximize Your ROI

Focus On Objectives That Best Align With Your Game

Understanding your game's stage and focusing on objectives, be it driving new user signups or enhancing engagement with existing players, is crucial for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

  • Community Building
  • Player Acquisition
  • Retention and Monetization
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Aligning Social Platforms and Objectives

Matching your marketing objectives with the right social platforms, like YouTube for wider reach, Twitch for interactive player acquisition, and Twitter for community engagement, is easy to do on the platform.

Social Platforms

Use A Rate Card To Guide A Creators Focus

Implementing Glitch's innovative rate card system allows for a fair and transparent way to incentivize influencers, rewarding them for their real impact in terms of views, shares, and comments.


Hybrid Marketing Model

The hybrid model combines guaranteed upfront payments with performance-based incentives, creating a balanced approach that motivates influencers while ensuring campaign goals are met.

Hybrid Model

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