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Earn Cash For Playing Games

The Streaming Workflow Tool That Pays

Glitch is a workflow tool that makes streaming and creating content easy, and also pays you for promoting the latest games. Help game makers market their games by sharing your gameplay content on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get paid for the results you generate.

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Stream Live in a few clicks!

Our app makes going live as easy as 1, 2, 3! There is no complexity in our setup. Just follow these super simple steps:

Selecting a game
Choosing a webcam
Going live

One Click Multicasting!

Stream to multiple platforms with just a single click! Want more control? Set up a custom RTMP URL with ease.

Start Multicasting Now
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...and many more!
Action-packed Gameplay Clip

Create & Edit Epic Clips Instantly!

Ditch the hassle of complex software. Slice and dice your epic gameplay moments in mere seconds! Your gameplay is automatically recorded on your computer so there are no storage fees. Various editing tools include:

  • Combining clips
  • Adding text overlays
  • Incorporating voice-overs
  • Changing video speeds
  • Utilizing text-to-speech
  • Applying transitions
  • And more!

Livestream With Others In Real-Time!

Invite co-hosts to join your stream and engage in real-time conversations, with up to 60 FPS and as low as 1-second latency. Watch your gameplay together as you restream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Micro Influencers

Boost Your Social Presence!

With just a single click, use our built-in social sharing tools to share your epic moments across multiple platforms and skyrocket your following.


Tip & Thrive!

Earn Tips Directly From Your Fans

Embrace our game-changing tipping system! Let your fans shower you with tips as they enjoy your content. And guess what? You pocket 100% of the revenue from those tips! No cuts, no fees.

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Feature-Packed Streaming with Glitch!

Power up your streaming with the best of tools and integrations.

Stream Elements

Stream Elements Integration

Integrate with Stream Elements for a seamless streaming experience.


Custom Overlays

Enhance your stream visuals with customizable overlays.

Alert Boxes

Alert Boxes

Engage your audience with real-time alerts and notifications.

A.I Chat Assistant

A.I Co-Host

Interact A.I co-host to banter with you and yours followers.


Interactive Chat

Engage with your viewers in real-time chat.


Fun Emojies

Express more with a wide range of emojies.

...and a whole lot more to explore! Dive into Glitch and supercharge your streaming.

Availabe On Mulitple Platforms

Download For Windows and Mac

Stream and record your games from your desktop with up to 120 FPS to capture every moment in vivid detail. Also, use our other online streaming features.