Our Goal

Communities That Benefit Game Publishers and Developers

We are an open-source gaming community platform designed to revolutionize engagement and revenue generation for game publishers and indie developers.

  • Restream To Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook
    Your Fans Can Easily Stream Their Gameplay

    Immerse your fans in the gaming experience as they effortlessly stream their gameplay from our community and simultaneously multicast to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

  • No-Code Your Own Experience
    Your Users Create Content and Compete

    Unleash the creativity and competitive spirit of your users as they compete and generate captivating content centered around your game, igniting unparalleled engagement.

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    Your Game Earns Revenue from Engagement

    Watch your game(s) unlock an additional stream of revenue as users stream, compete, and craft mesmerizing content.

How It Works

1) Create Challenges For Your Users

In just a matter of minutes, create a vibrant community and challenge your users in exciting ways within your game, including:

  • No Hit Runs
  • Max Combos
  • Speed Runs
  • One Weapon Only
  • High Score
  • and More

2) Users Create Content

As users engage in friendly competition, they can effortlessly create streams and content directly within our community, eliminating the need for third-party software like OBS or StreamLabs—it's all built-in!

3) Content Goes Social And Creates A Flywheel

The content created not only fuels engagement within the community but can also be shared across social media platforms. Experience a powerful flywheel effect that expands your gaming audience, captivating both passionate gamers and casual observers alike.


4) You Get Paid From Engagement!

Reap the rewards of increased engagement as you receive financial compensation. The revenue generated can be reinvested in future game development, enabling you to enhance gameplay experiences by:

  • Addressing pesky bugs
  • Crafting enticing DLCs
  • Funding your next groundbreaking game
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