Glitch Gaming Community Platform

For Creators And Influencers

Connect. Game. Earn. Repeat

Content creators and influencers have the opportunity to earn money by promoting both indie and AAA games.

  • Restream To Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook
    Play The Newest Games

    Get paid to play the newest games first and offer your followers exciting new content to engage with.

  • No-Code Your Own Experience
    Get Paid Within 7 Days

    After completing a campaign, receive payment within 7 days of submitting your work! No long waits for cash payouts.

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    We Support All Social Platforms

    Create gaming content for all social platforms, including TikTok, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and more!

For Publishers and Indie Developers

Market Your Game(s) With Creators

Engage influencers and content creators to play, market, and promote your game, driving other users to play.

  • Restream To Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook
    Market Across All Social Platforms

    Broadcast your game simultaneously across Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Additionally, produce short-form content tailored for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • No-Code Your Own Experience
    Manage Your Campaign With AI

    Leverage AI or an agency to automatically manage various aspects of your campaign, including approving creators, managing campaign statuses, handling payouts, and more.

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    Pay Based On Results

    Collaborate with creators who are willing to work on a performance basis, rewarding results that your content generates for your game.